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Barcode Scanners are vital pieces of equipment for many companies and here you will find the right scanner for your application. Find a variety of barcode scanners suitable for use in applications such as shipping, tracking, Warehousing, design and automation. 

Shop barcode scanners by type including wired, Handheld, Wireless an Omni directional Presentation scanners. 


Popular Barcode Scanner Brands For you


Zebra Barcode Scanner

  • Consistent Scanning
  • Non-Stop Scanning

Honeywell Barcode Scanner

  • Scan Confidently
  • Refined Scanning

HGRT Barcode Scanner

  • High Quality Scanner
  • Rugged Scanner

Types of Barcode Scanners & Scanning Solutions Basawa Provides

Variety of Barcode scanners available to meet the demands of your application and environment. 

Wired Scanners

Wired Barcode Scanner connect directly to your PC or laptop through a cable. USB is the most common connection.

Wireless Scanners

Wireless scanners are connected through blue tooth dongle/Cradle or it is connected through WI-FI.


Omnidirectional Scanners

OmniDirectional scanners provide faster scan rates with less aiming due to their wider reading areas and hands-free operation making them the perfect solution for POS applications.

Portable Data Collector

A portable data terminal,  or shortly PDT , is an electronic device that is used to enter or retrieve data via wireless transmission (WLAN or WWAN).

Basawa can assist you to save your Time & Money

We can provide you the right barcoding solution for your requirements.

Basawa has a wide range of affordable easy to use barcoding hardware and consumables.


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