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Ribbon. You can easily replace all the competitorsÔÇÖ General Purpose Wax or even Resin Enhanced Ribbon with TDW108 without any problem. It was developed to provide a sensible solution for excellent print quality, graphics and barcodes combined with substantial savings in each roll. Compared with other General Purpose Wax ribbon, TDW108 has lower printing energy, better sharpness,darker image and higher durability. It comes with a back coating that allows for printing in excess of 3+ million linear inches. RIBBON SPECIFICATIONS Performance Characteristics Low printing energy Very dark image Prints on a wide variety of substrate Excellent durability High speed printing´╝êup to 10ips´╝ë Up to 60Ôäâ/Ôäë heat resistance Superior back coating extends print life to 3+ million linear inches Recommended Substrates Coated & Uncoated Paper & Tags Polyethylene Polyolefin Polypropylene Flood Coated Paper Kimdura┬« Valeron┬« Recommended Applications Shipping Inventory Shelf labeling Retail tags Product labeling PFID Logistic Signage Horticulture Dimension : 110mm X 300mtr Color : Black

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Todaytec Ribbons

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