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Basawa Technologies Limited provides a platform for access to AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and related products in India. It links the world's best suppliers with a highly diverse but fragmented customer base in India in an effective manner.

For customers, the Basawa system has the largest selection of in-stock bar coding hardware in India from all the leading manufacturers of the world. Some of these brands (in alphabetical order) are Argox, Avery-Denission, Honeywell, Motorola, Posiflex, Sato, Teklogix, Toshiba, TSC, Unitech and Zebra. New brands re continuously evaluated in terms of their suitability to the Indian market and added to our portfolio. Our customers are free to choose the best in its class equipment without worrying about the quality as we have undertaken the bench-marking at our end. They can focus on the customer need and application without favoring a particular manufacturer or model. Each product has been chosen for its unique combination of price-quality or brand name and there is a wide range at every price point.

The product pricing is fair and generally lower than from other avenues. Basawa's overheads are generally low in order to offer the best pricing. There is an assurance of genuine sourcing, as each product serial number may be readily verified from the manufacturers through direct contact. Basawa has taken as a mission to train a large work-force in its field of operation and has specialists in hardware, software and integration with substantial AIDC industry experience. This provides a high quality customer support.

For suppliers, Basawa is an excellent platform that provides them with access to the diverse base of users and more importantly service providers on a pan-India basis. These service providers are independent companies across the country engaged in various related activities such as software integration, IT hardware sales, product label supply, retail and industrial consultancy etc. These service providers usually understand the local customer need in detail and are able to service them closely. They need AIDC hardware as an add-on component to their core activity. They access Basawa for the ready availability of the hardware and technical support as and when required. Usually after a few installations, they act as a source of further education for our AIDC ecosystem. Suppliers can benefit by joining the Basawa platform from the network effect of customers accessing the system that is most popular among users. Each customer of one brand can potentially become a customer of another through Basawa. However, Basawa ensures suppliers that their business interests are protected through adequate sharing of relevant data so that they do not loose market share due to this competition.

For employees, Basawa provides an open-book management style and they are given substantial decision making powers. There is a generous profit sharing scheme for eligible employees to share in the good performance. They have also been encouraged to participate in investment in the company's shares. Most current employees have spent a substantial portion of their career with Basawa in an environment that favors training and participation. In particular, there is an emphasis on providing attractive career opportunities to women and individuals from less-privileged backgrounds.

For investors, Basawa provides a safe investment for funds which would grow as more customers and suppliers join and expand the network. It hopes to become the first choice of customers and suppliers in its industry.It has a record of profitable growth mostly from internally generated funds for several years and has always met all its financial obligations on time.

Basawa does not engage in any unlawful activities such as under-invoicing, tax evasion or selling material for cash. It believes in nation-building through honest hard work. A majority of suppliers, customers and employees have been with the company for a long time. In most cases, this period is between 5 to 12 years. Basawa Technologies appreciates the business association of all stakeholders and hopes to hear comments at:


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Dr. Sandeep Goyal (Managing Director) Basawa Technologies Limited, India.